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Yes to Empowerment

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We are all about being a yes at GoodWolf. We are a yes for community, empowerment, and service.

Our mission at GoodWolf is to empower you to live your best life NOW through the practice of yoga. We encourage you to get present and live fully RIGHT now with power, promise, and possibility.

The poses we use will build strength, balance and flexibility while flowing from one pose to the next. You will gain power and ease both on and off your mat while have more fun than you have ever imagined

Hot Power Vinyasa - Is the type of practiced at GoodWolf Power Yoga.

Hot - The classes are held in a room heated to between 88-99 degrees unless otherwise noted. The heat allows for deeper opening in the body, detoxifying of internal organs, and burns more calories.

Power- This is a fast paced and physically challenging practice. We sweat, strengthen and build flexibility in your body. All levels are welcomed and encouraged. Modifications and variations are explored and encouraged!

Vinyasa- Flow, in class we are constantly moving. Breath is linked to pose for a moving meditation.