GoodWolf yoga studio


Hot Power Yoga

A classic, empowering Hot Power Vinyasa class. Connect breath to movement with this dynamic sequence of postures, inspired by Baron Baptiste’s “Journey Into Power” sequence. Performed in a precise order designed to stimulate your mind and body while improving strength, flexibility and overall vitality, this heated class is energizing, fun and inspirational. You will tap into your deepest potential and push the limits of what is possible.


Enjoy a hot power flow based on Pilates and Yoga with some surprises thrown in. High intensity intervals are scattered throughout the sequence to increase muscle sculpting, while still leaving you with that intense release that comes from a hot power class.

Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga aims it's focus on the cold parts of the body: bones, joints, ligaments, & tendons. Helping calm the mind, it strengthens ability for passive thought; great for balancing out, busy-bee lifestyles. Rather than a constant stream of thinking, planning and reflecting — Yin will teach you to simply observe, listen, and receive. It takes practice, but the more you listen, the greater your understanding of what makes your body tick, what causes it pain, and what kinds of unique things soothe and promote healing.

Hot Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow classes are sweaty, light and creative, but slower paced and gentler than our power classes. The room is warm (83 degrees) not hot like our power classes. Postures are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses are a little slower. The more gentle nature of this class is great for beginners, but is also wonderful for intermediate and advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice.  This class is the perfect complement to the daily grind or your regular power practice.

True Power Community Class $5

This class is a donation based class to benefit local organizations! This heated class follows the structure of Baron Baptiste’s Journey into Power sequence much like our hot power classes. Come be a part of this transformational practice and give back to the community!

Booty Ballet

Booty Ballet was created in 2011 by Toni Heinen - the owner and director of GoodWolf Power Yoga Studio. Enjoy a fun energetic workout that fuses techniques from ballet, pilates and yoga, no experience necessary. 

Tabata Yoga

Tabata Yoga is the pressed for time person's workout dream come true. It's an intense yoga workout with each song consisting of four minutes broken down into eight rounds of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. It's quick and super effective.